DASP Pilgrimage Services (Pvt) Ltd



DASP Pilgrimage Services (Pvt) Ltd is at the forefront of presenting pilgrims with the best Hajj and Umrah services in Pakistan. For the past 38 years, we have provided thousands of guests with the most comfortable pilgrimage experience, owing to our team of highly trained and experienced professionals who know all the ins and outs of the industry.

Since it’s inception, DASP Pilgrimage Services (Pvt) Ltd has made sure that the honorable guests of Allah are provided with all the utilities they may need to make sure that their pilgrimage is done as well as it possibly can be. Moreover, as new standards & operational procedures are being adopted in both Pakistan and Saudi Arabia to cater for the growing demands of pilgrims, we are pleased to announce that the services provided by DASP are perfectly in line with these new requirements.

DASP Pilgrimage Services (Pvt) Ltd offers a host of packages, all of which have been prepared with the demands and comfort of our valued customers in mind to ensure nothing but the best experience for them. Throughout the duration of the pilgrimage itself, our tireless staff is always on call to guarantee that our customers have all their needs taken care, so they may spend their time with ease.

DASP Pilgrimage Services (Pvt) Ltd also meticulously plans and executes the entire journey, making sure that nothing is left out, in order to facilitate it’s esteemed pilgrims so that they may fulfill their religious obligations effortlessly.

DASP Pilgrimage Services (Pvt) Ltd also assists its group members in their religious and spiritual activities, should they require it. For those that are new to the entire process, please note that you will not feel left out as we are always there to help and guide you with whatever you may need.

We are completely confident and very proud of our abilities. We guarantee that your Hajj or Umrah with us will be the most comfortable and easy one of your life! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, we would love to hear from you!


Haroon Rasheed(CEO)


Muhammad Yousaf Piracha(Director)


Khalid Hassan Piracha(Director)


Umer Yousaf Piracha(Manger)


Adnan Tahir(Accounts Manager)


Muhammad Umer(Computer Operator)